Did you know… You can use the XML Visualizer to view XML? – #321

Let’s say you have a more interesting string that contains xml, say one of the code snippet files.

string with XML content

You can still use the Text Visualizer to view the xml, but that’s not very exciting.

viewing xml using the text visualizer

If you select the XML Visualizer, then you get the xml syntax highlighting.

code snippet file shown in XML Visualizer

Much more exciting!

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Comments (7)

  1. Michael Stum says:

    Great tip, there seems to be one little caveat though: The XML Visualizer seems to use Internet Explorer, so there may be security issues (i remember getting a message regarding security once when debugging code and an Application that was running on the Network, while using Windows 2003 Server with the High-Security Internet Explorer)

  2. Steve says:

    Please have a look at the new Xml Visualizer v.2:


  3. Tian van Heerden says:

    @Micheal Stum: I think the problem lies not with IE but with the ASPNET account (or whichever account IIS runs under on your dev machine) which needs read/write permissions on the Visual Studio Visualizer folder.

    There’s a note to that effect on Karl Shifflet’s blog:


  4. JonR says:

    I am looking for a program that will read an XML file and then generate a GUI that will allow editing that file, using XML tags to structure and label the fields.  Does such a program exist?

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  6. Brutus says:

    Great tip! There is also another nice addin, providing additional visualizers and toolwindows. Have a quick look at:


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