Did you know… How to use the Text Visualizer? – #319

Let’s say you have a long string, maybe a SQL connection string or just some tabular data (or data separated by a space as shown below), and you need to view the entire string.

Of course, you could cut and paste into notepad to view the contents, but there’s a way to achieve the same effect from within Visual Studio.

Bring up the DataTip for the string, and click the circled drop down arrow:

Drop Down Button for Visualizers on DataTip

Now you’ll see a list of Visualizers to choose from.

Text Visualizer on DataTip drop down menu

Since this is a string, today’s tip picks the Text Visualizer. Note that this dialog box is resizable and you can copy and paste from within.


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  1. M says:

    I’ve used that tip happily for years! However i think that interface is not exactly intuitive, a menu with a checkbox already checked

  2. BigJim says:

    Sweet!  I never knew this before, this is a great help for those looooong strings I couldn’t see completely in the regular data tip.  Thank you!

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