Did you know… You can press F11 to Step Into a function – #310

Back in my Visual J++ days, I didn’t know about F11. To compensate, I would set a breakpoint within the function I wanted to step into, and then when the Show Next Statement arrow was on the line, I would press F5 to run to the next breakpoint. I can’t remember when I learned about F11, but it was a very happy day. Hopefully this tip makes someone’s day too.

On the Debug toolbar, you’ll see the arrow indicating stepping into a function. This is bound to the command Debug.StepInto with the keyboard shortcut F11, at least in the General Development Settings.

Step Into F11 on Debug Toolbar

For example, when the next statement is on a function you want to step into, press F11

Function to step into

and now the next statement highlight appears on the first line of that function.

Function stepped into

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  1. J says:

    F11 in C# Mode

    F8  in VB Mode

  2. yorkrj says:

    Discovering F11 was a happy day for me too.

    Another great thing to know about regarding debugging is the ability to comment server side aspx like so.

    <%– Anything can be commented out, even server controls! –%>

    Thanks for all the great tips!

  3. The lack of posts over the past week was due to the hurricane (Ike) damage and my subsequent lack of internet service (as well as power, water, gasoline, and many other important things). That stuff is back for me now, but the last report I saw stated

  4. Quando lavoravo per Visual J++, non conoscevo l’uso di F11. Per rimediare, impostavo un punto di interruzione

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