The accidental New Orleans evacuatee is back in Seattle

Despite the thunderstorms and tornados associated with Tropical Storm Fay and the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans due to Gustav, my speaking tour was a success. Only had to cancel in Montgomery due to tornados.

My original plan was to spend a 3 day weekend down in New Orleans, then drive back to Nashville to fly back to SEA on Monday. (A one-way rental car to fly out of GPT or MSY (n.o.) was over the top expensive. Talk about a blessing in disguise.) But instead of being out on the beach, I found myself driving north with tens of thousands of my new closest friends on the Interstate to catch my flight out of Nashville.

Anyways, I’m back in the office now. Thanks to everyone on Twitter for keeping me company.  And yes, everyone in the family back home who didn’t evacuate are safe and sound.

I’ll put together a blog post of the trip w/ photos once i’ve had a chance to handle the 1400 emails in my inbox and catch up on some sleep.

Comments (3)

  1. bethmassi says:

    Welcome back! Glad you’re safe.

  2. Jere Hess says:

    We really enjoyed your visit on Friday.  We had to delay opening the college after Labor Day, but will be up and running tomorrow.  Offices opened today.  Thanks again for all you do for the students here at Mississippi Gulf Coast!  I’ve got pictures I will be emailing to you later.  

  3. Joe Reynolds says:

    Sorry you had to cancel in Montgomery, I was hoping to attend. I guess you’ll just need to make another road trip down to the good ole south again soon 🙂

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