Did you know… How to delay loading symbols? and it’s Go Sara Go time – #300

In May 2007, when Rob Caron and I put together the game plan for Tip of the Day, I agreed I would do the series for a year, ending with tip #300. All good things must come to an end. In the past couple of months, a “rumor” started going around within Microsoft that I had planned to stop the series. I laugh at the “rumor” because it was true. A long story short, I recently made an agreement with the messenger from the powers that be that I would keep going. I don’t know exactly how far up the management chain the command “keep sara going” came from. One of these days I’ll have to find out who issued the request.

I don’t want Tip of the Day to “jumped the shark” (an expression when a TV sitcom produces an episode that clearly indicates the series should end) or more recently for those who have seen the last Indiana Jones movie “Nuking the Fridge.” When I feel I have no more generic IDE tips to share, I’ll end the series and do something creative with the existing content. I still have two other feature areas after generic IDE debugging tips to cover, even if I didn’t personally test every in and out. When I’m finished with those feature areas, my story about Visual Studio will be complete.

And since it is tip #300, I refuse to make any references to the 300 movie.

and now for today’s tip, Same Tip of the Day Time, Same Tip of the Day RSS feed…

Yesterday’s tip discussed how to load symbols via the Modules window. There’s another way to load symbols via Tools – Options.

Go to Tools – Options – Debugging – Symbols page. Then press the New Folder button to represent where VS should look for symbols. If you followed yesterday’s tip, you’ll see this folder represented here.

Add symbol file locations

Now for today’s tip, if you don’t want all the symbols to load immediately, in case you need to do some other action, here’s how to delay.

At the bottom of this tools options page, there are there’s a checkbox Load symbols using the updated settings when this dialog is closed. To delay loading the symbols, uncheck this checkbox before pressing the OK button.


When you are ready to load symbols, go to the Modules window or check the checkbox.

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  1. Ben says:

    Go Sara Go!

    (Although stay as well, your tips are very useful 🙂 )

  2. Kalle says:

    I’ll post one in swedish for ya 🙂

    Starkt jobbat Sara och härligt att se att du fortsätter!

  3. Minneapolis Mike says:

    You have the greatest and most useful blog ever!

    Keep up the good work.

    Here is the best (or worst) haiku I can muster for this early in the morning…

    IDE tips are

    Beautiful and useful



    Have a great day!

  4. Jane says:

    Go Sara Go!  Your tips are great and very informative.  Keep up the great work

  5. Kirk Jackson says:

    Go Sara Go!

    You know, you know, you know

    More in Visual Studio

    Than I will ever know!

  6. Go Sara Go says:

    Thanks for all your effort on doing these tips.  I’m finding them very useful.

    Go Sara Go.

  7. Jeff says:

    To praise you on a job well done,

    Three hundred tips and on you run,

    A tribute to your work, I’ll give,

    So please read on, I’ll start forthwith.

    Sometimes a tip might not quite hit,

    That unknown Visual Studio bit,

    That I’ve been struggling with for hours,

    Because you don’t have psychic powers.

    But sometimes I’ll be working hard,

    And just about to disregard,

    My latest unread RSS,

    (can’t read them all, I must confess),

    And there will be just one from you,

    That tells me something I can do,

    I didn’t know, or didn’t see,

    (or didn’t understand, maybe).

    Eureka moments are abound,

    When such a tip from you is found,

    And sometimes colleagues hear a sound,

    When I’m compelled to spread tips round.

    But hearing you might one day end,

    The daily tips you always send,

    Compels me to implore you please,

    (don’t make me get down on my knees),

    More tips on Visual Studio,

    More tips from you, go Sara go!

    (or you could, if you should please,

    give tips on something else, like cheese).

  8. Chris says:

    Go Sara Go!

    Your useful tips are stealing the Visual Studio blogging show!

  9. Mike Sargent says:

    for( int i = 0; i < 300; i++ )

       Console.WriteLine( "Go Sara Go!" );

  10. Go Sara Go…

    I find the tips extremely useful since the VS IDE is so vast.

  11. Antonio says:

    Go, Sara, Go!!!!

    I wanted to make a song for you, but I can’t get out of my mind this one:


    Just replace all the "Speed Racer" you find with "Sara".

    Keep up the great job and never give up!!!

  12. Go Sarah go! 🙂

    Nice VS tips. Keep up with the good Job!

  13. Eric says:

    Go, Sara, Go!  Your tips have been very helpful

  14. phil says:

    Go Sara Go!  These tips are awesome.

  15. Go Sara Go!

    BTW, really loved the presentation last nite, hope to see you at the Hub City NUG again soon!

    Aaaand … I suck at poetry, sorry.

  16. Kolja says:

    Stay with us, Sara,stay! Also, let me guess: Gojushiho-Sho?

  17. Gene says:

    You are the Backpack of Visual Studio. Go.

  18. Don Bailes says:

    Stay, Sara stay!  And remind me not to approach you on any dark streets.

  19. MarcT says:

    Go Go Go Go Go

    Go Go Go Go Go Go Go

    Go Go Sara Go

  20. Kellen says:

    300.times{ puts "Go Sara Go!" }

  21. Andy Wilkinson says:

    Go Sara Go!

    (oh… and thanks for all the tips!)

  22. Carl Clark says:

    Go, Sara, go, Sara, go go go go go!

    And thanks for 300 VS tips so far! May you find many more to share with us!

  23. sara’s tips help me

    now there are 300 tips

    go sara go, thanx

  24. sara’s tips help me

    now there are 300 tips

    go sara go, thanx

  25. Timothy Fries says:

    Go Sara Go!

    I’ve lost track of how many new things I’ve learned about Visual Studio from this series of posts, and I thought I knew a lot to begin with.

  26. Steve K says:

    Go Sara Go!!!

    Thank you for delving into the IDE and letting us know what is there.

  27. Jimmy Summers says:
















    Looking forward to your new book!

    Hope Gustav doesn’t ruin your trip to Waveland!

  28. You are single-handedly (or more likely "double-handedly", as a touch-typist) doing more to train the world in VS2008 than all the Microsoft Certified training organisations on the globe, IMHO.

  29. Reader from far-far away says:

    Go Sara Go!

    P.S. Nice black belt 🙂

  30. Garth says:

    All powerful tool

    Our Visual Studio

    Sara reveals much.

    Thanks, Sara !

  31. Igd says:

    Go Sara go! I use VS2008 but still think in VC6, so you’ve been really helpful. 🙂

  32. Jannik says:

    Gooooooooooooo Saraaaaaaah!!!! 🙂

    I really enjoy all these tips of yours – keep up the GREAT work!

  33. Björn says:

    Go Sara Go!

    Yes, this is only the boring version of it 😐

  34. ARM says:






  35. Steve Porter says:


    I haven’t followed all so please forgive – but what style are you in and who is your sensei?!?  Sweet!

  36. jay says:

    Go Sara Go!

    And thanks for all the tips!

  37. small_mountain says:

    There once was a woman named Sara,

    Whose tips were so good it could scare ya!

    They said "Please don’t stop!"

    She replied "But I’ll drop!"

    And she left for the French Riviera.

    Go, Sara, go.

  38. Glen says:

    G  G  G  G  G

    o  o  o  o  o

    S  S  S  S  S

    a  a  a  a  a

    r  r  r  r  r

    a  a  a  a  a

    h  h  h  h  h

    G  G  G  G  G

    o  o  o  o  o

    !  !  !  !  !

  39. Alan says:

    Go Sara Go, don’t you stop so early 😉

  40. MSDNArchive says:

    Go Sara Go will be filing a cease-and-desist 🙂


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  42. Peter says:

    Love the tips every day… I’ve been learning useful things about VS.

  43. Go Sara! let’s go for another 300

    keep up the great work

  44. Andrew says:

    A nearly haiku:-

    Three hundred leaves

    But more must fall please

    Go Sara go

  45. Abir says:

    Go Sara Go ..

    I like your tips, nicely packed useful information.

    somtimes I suprise myself that I actually already know some of them 🙂

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