Top 5 Myths and Facts about CodePlex

Yesterday was an incredibly fun day for me.  Wanted to break up the endless series of IDE tips and tricks posts with a little something different…

On the CodePlex team blog, I wrote down the Top 5 Myths and Facts about CodePlex:

Myth #1:  Software hosted on CodePlex is only for developers
Fact: CodePlex is for any open source software application. Some of our top projects include Rawr, a .NET tool for World of Warcraft players, and the Vista Battery Saver, an app for managing your laptop battery life. 

Myth #2:  You have to purchase Microsoft software to use CodePlex
Fact: Visual Studio Team Explorer is free for use with CodePlex. Other clients include TeamPrise, TortoiseSVN, and the CodePlex Client.

Myth #3:  CodePlex is only for Microsoft projects
Fact: There are over 350 Microsoft projects on CodePlex.  The other 5,000 projects are owned by members of the community.

Myth #4:  CodePlex projects must run on Windows
Fact: CodePlex welcomes all technologies.

Myth #5:  CodePlex is run by Microsoft
Fact: This one is true! =D

If people have any other myths or facts, please let me know!

Also Soma, our Senior Vice President for Developer Division (aka Visual Studio and more), also blogged about CodePlex turning 2 years old.

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  1. Can my friends and I create a project on CodePlex but don’t let anyone at all to get any information about our project?

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