Did you know… You can disable the Exception Assistant? – #274

The exception assistant is the piece of UI that pops up whenever you hit an exception.  For example, the image below shows the exception assistant for a division by zero error. 

I studied math in college and learned how to divide by zero.  Or as the professor said, “more lies your teachers told you.”  This wikipedia article discusses it from the Abstract Algebra point of view.  At one time i understood this, but i don’t right now. =D It’s something to do with a circular list of numbers where the zero divider gets you back to the beginning of the list, but that’s probably wrong.

exception assistant

Well, if the exception assistant isn’t for you, you can go to Tools – Options – Debugging – General and uncheck “Enable the Exception Assistant.”

Enable the exception assistant option

With it unchecked, when you hit a breakpoint, you get the classic unhandled exception message


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  1. Exception Assistant, what is your malfunction.

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    THANK YOU so much, Sara; I hate that thing SO MUCH!

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