Did you know… How to show the disassembly automatically or not at all? – #272

Under Tools – Options – Debugging – General, there’s an option to "Show Disassembly If Source Is Not Available.”

Show disassembly if source is not available

Not surprisingly, this is the option you see when you try to step into code when the sources are not available.  If this option is unchecked, you’ll get this old favorite dialog:

There is no source code available message box

And of course, if you press Show Disassembly, you’ll get the disassembly. 

But let’s say you check the option “Show disassembly Automatically.”  This will set the “Show disassembly if source is  not available” option back in tools options.  And if you want to see this dialog again, meaning you don’t want to always see the disassembly, go to tools options to uncheck it.

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  2. marcel@sdcompany.nl says:


    Is it possible to see disassembly inlined in the source code ?

    I thought it was possible in a previous version of visual studio ?



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