Did you know… What the Enable Address-Level Debugging option does? – #271

Under Tools – Options – Debugging – General, there’s the option Enable Address-Level Debugging. 


When checked, you get the following additional Debugger Tool Windows: Memory windows, Disassembly, and Registers.


And when unchecked, you don’t get them.


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  1. Travis says:

    With that option disabled, you also can’t set memory breakpoints.  I accidentally turned that off (probably hoping it would get rid of that prompt asking if I wanted to see disassembly) and could NOT figure out where the option to set memory breakpoints went.

  2. Mike says:

    I have the option checked and only see three options in the Debug|Windows menu.




  3. My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio. Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day #270 explains that you can have all processes break when one process breaks . Daniel Moth posted two cool

  4. Iguy says:

    Like Mike, I only see the three options:




    I vaguely remember ONCE seeing those other options.  Is there a flag that I had inadvertently set to disable those other windows?


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