Did you know… You can use IntelliSense to verify your breakpoint name in the New Breakpoint window – #264

In the New Breakpoint window, there’s a checkbox “Use IntelliSense to verify the function name.”  Just as you would expect, this does a sanity check to ensure the function name is valid in your project.

Use IntelliSense to verify method name option

For example, if the function name doesn’t match an overload, you’ll get prompted to choose which method you really meant.

Choose Breakpoints window

Or if the function doesn’t exist,


Now, let’s say you don’t need its help and uncheck the option.  In the case above, a breakpoint will be inserted in all overloads for the function.  Or if you type in a function that doesn’t exist, it won’t get inserted into the code, but will get created in the Breakpoints window.

Breakpoints window showing a breakpoint that wasn't inserted in the file.

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