Did you know… You can bring over your Visual Studio 2005 settings either at First Launch or Anytime? – #255

In 2008, there’s an option in the First Launch dialog to bring over your Visual Studio 2005 settings. 

First launch dialog

If you had Visual Studio 2005 previously installed, you’ll still have your Visual Studio 2005 settings in your Documents folder.  This includes your auto-save current settings file from 2005. 

The first launch detects this and gives you an option to choose this file as My Previous Settings.  VS will reset as much as applicable, depending on how different your installs of VS 2005 and VS 2008 are.

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  1. Matt Poland says:

    Sara, you’ve convinced me…

    I wish Microsoft would replace explorer.exe with devenv.exe.  That would make a much more awesome operating system shell.  You have the command window with intellisense and aliasing, tabbed interfaces, customizable toolbars, dockable panes, customizable settings that are easily exported and imported, etc.

    Have them get on that 😉

  2. 2008 では、 初回起動時のダイアログ に Visual Studio 2005 の設定を適用できるオプションがあります。 Visual Studio 2005 がインストール済みである場合は、 Visual

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