Did you know… What the “Allow VS to download RSS content” does on the First Launch dialog and how to change it back? – #254

On the first launch dialog, you may have noticed this checkbox for opting in for VS to download RSS content.

First Launch Dialog

This checkbox controls the content on the Start page.  If you uncheck this checkbox, start VS with your favorite .vssettings file, and go to the Start page, you’ll see the following in the RSS feed that you need to enable downloading RSS feed content.

Start Page without RSS downloaded conten

Of course, you can just following the directions on the start page and click the link to download the content.  But, did you know… you can go to Tools – Options – Environment – Startup and check the Download content every: option to get the RSS content downloaded.

Download RSS content option

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Comments (5)

  1. daveblack says:

    How do you sort the Content by Date (most recent first)?  My RSS Content on the Start page is always out of chronological order.


  2. Peter says:

    Is there a way to get RSS content from multiple sources?  For example, I want to get the RSS content from your weblog and MSDN: Visual Basic Headlines

  3. RailLife says:

    The start page seems to be very limited.  I can’t find a way to enter a proxy so I get the RSS feeds.

  4. Knudel says:

    Does the team ever post a new blog in this rss feed?

    The last one is from March….

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