Did you know… You can save your list of External Tools to a file? – #250

In an earlier tip, I mentioned how you can create and manage your list of External Tools

External Tools

You can save this list to a file if you ever want to just share that list with others or ever need to just get back your external tools list.

Go to Tools – Import / Export Settings – Export, and check the All Settings – General – External Tools List checkbox. 

External Tools List export settings

Now any of the customizations that you’ve done in the Tools – External Tools list will be saved out to the file of your choice.

Also, the information is human-editable in the .vssettings file. For example, I added the notepad application as an external tool.  Now I could easily set the “Prompt for Arguments” to false, if i needed to.

External tools list in .vssettings file

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