Did you know… You can use team settings to keep Visual Studio settings on different machines in sync – #248

Under Tools – Options – Environment – Import and Export Settings, you’ll see an option called Use team settings file.

The idea is that you want all the members of your team to use the same baseline set of settings.  You can provide a .vssettings file (by creating these customizations on your machine, then doing a Tools – Import / Export Settings – Export to create the file), and put the .vssettings file out on a UNC share.  Next, you check the Use team settings file, pointing it at this file.

Use team settings file Tools option

So, what happens now?  Whenever Visual Studio launches, it’ll check the time timestamp of the .vssettings file, and if there’s been an update, VS will reapply all the settings from the .vssettings file.

I think that this works really well in the scenario where there’s a single developer who works on multiple computers, because any tweaks you make on one machine will be carried over to the next machine.

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  1. Joe D says:

    This is great. Using something like DropBox, I can keep my favorite vssettings in sync at home, work, and on the laptop.

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