Did you know… You can save your current settings prior to doing an Import or Reset? – #245

Sometimes, Tip of the Day isn’t about stating the obvious; it’s about stating the non-obvious.  A lot of times, there’s functionality that seems trivial on the surface, but one-off things occur at a deeper level (like yesterday’s tip).  Fortunately, today’s tip is completely trivial.  no hidden operations going on under the UI.

Whenever you do a destructive operation via Tools – Import / Export Settings, like importing or resetting, we prompt you whether you want to save your current settings prior to continuing.  This is the exact same as doing a full export (meaning you go to  the Export page and check everything).

Save Current Settings page

The one thing i’ll call out is that the Store my settings file will remember any location where you’ve done an export to, since you may wish to save your current settings there too.

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