Did you know… You can add your own files to the Import / Export Settings – Reset page list? – #243

If you go to the Reset page on the Tools – Import / Export Settings Wizard, you’ll see the list of files you can reset to.  These settings files are the ones created by the VS teams.  But, let’s say that one of the default files just has some small option that just annoys you (for me, i list this option below) or you want to add your own to the list.

Custom Files in the Reset Settings page

The RedRed.vssettings file is one i created.  I was testing tomorrow’s tip for fonts and colors.

These files live at \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\Profiles.  Remember, this feature was originally named profiles, where you would have a .vsprofile file, but i digress…  You’ll need admin rights to access Program Files, so please use at own risk.

In this folder you can add your own or modify the existing ones.  For me, I use the General Development Settings, but anytime I do a reset, I lose that show keyboard shortcuts in tooltips option.  So, I do a Reset to General Development Settings, I enable this one setting, then do a full export and call the file General Development Settings.  Then i can copy this file over the existing General Development Settings, and I won’t get frustrated the next time i do a reset and don’t see my shortcuts in my tooltips.

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