Did you know… You can export all your Object Browser customizations in a .vssettings file? – #225

Over these past couple of weeks, we’ve taken a close look at customizing your Object Browser experience, from sorting to searching to filtering, among other options.

Your customizations can be saved out to a .vssetings file via the Tools – Import / Export Settings dialog, under General Settings – Object Browser Options.

Exporting Object Browser settings

Good news is that the xml stored in the created .vssettings file for the object browser settings is human readable, in case you need to make a quick tweak.

      <PropertyValue name="ObjectBrowserViewNamespaces">false</PropertyValue>
      <PropertyValue name="ObjectBrowserShowHiddenTypesAndMembers">true</PropertyValue>
      <PropertyValue name="ObjectBrowserTypesSortAlphabetically">true</PropertyValue>
      <PropertyValue name="ObjectBrowserTypesSortByType">false</PropertyValue>
      <PropertyValue name="ObjectBrowserTypesSortByAccess">false</PropertyValue>
      <PropertyValue name="ObjectBrowserTypesGroupByType">false</PropertyValue>

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