Did you know… The Object Browser has a navigate forward and navigate back? – #211

Another set of buttons on the Object Browser toolbar belongs to Navigate Forward and Navigate Back.


The pages you visit within the object browser are saved as a MRU (Most Recently Used).

This alone is somewhat exciting, but what really makes it exciting is a keyboard shortcut!

The commands are View.ObjectBrowserForward and View.ObjectBrowserBack. If you are using the Visual Basic Development Settings, you’ll see that the keyboard shortcuts are Alt+Minus for Back and Shift+Alt+Minus for Forward.  If you use the forward and back functionality frequently and are not using the Visual Basic Settings, go to Tools – Options – Environment – Keyboard, and manually set the keybindings there.

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Comments (2)

  1. awykel says:

    Is it possible to navigate back anf forth from the last line you were on and the next line you are on while switching thru pages?

    Additioinally is it possible to mavigate back and forward to the last page you wher on while searching thru the find in all files listings?

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