Did you know… You can enable Word Wrap in the Output Window? – #194

For those following the Tip of the Day series, I’ve run out of interesting tips with the Toolbox.  If you have a toolbox tip, please send it to me!

The output window has an icon on the toolbar that allows you to enable Word Wrap.  I personally don’t use word wrap, as i prefer one line per error.  But i see the potential if you have customized the output window for space and need to read the entire line without having to scroll left or right.

Word Wrap button on toolbar

Output Window Before Word Wrap

Output Window Before Word Wrap

Output Window After Word Wrap

Output Window After Word Wrap

Comments (3)

  1. Antonio says:

    I’m not sure if that’s really a VS tip, but I think it would be a nice one to say what are the directives you have to put in the code of your user control to set an image and a tab for showing it in the toolbox.

  2. MarcT says:

    Mine seems backwards! VS2005 SP1, with the blue square around the icon it’s not wrapping the build output. I click it, and the blue hilight goes away, and it wraps. Weird. Regardless, I didn’t know about this, and I’m glad I do now.

  3. MarcT says:

    I looked into the backward wrapping behavior, and it’s only the "Build" Output pane that is backwards. All the others – Build Order, TFS, Refactor, etc behave normally. Double weird.

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