Did you know… You can create new Toolbox tabs? – #193

Combining this week’s tips, you can create your own toolbox tabs to store practically whatever you want in them.  Now, for that upcoming presentation, you can create your own tab by choosing the Add Tab on the toolbox context menu and adding content using either the mouse or keyboard (yes, the keyboard works too for cut/paste code from the editor into the toolbox) to populate content into your new tab.

Toolbox Context Menu Add Tab

I was going to create tomorrow’s tip as "did you know you can move tabs," but it doesn’t really stand on its own as a separate tip.  Fortunately, I still got 3 hours of battery life left on the plane, and the plane attendant people (i can’t spell what they are called, as my row-seat neighbors are tired playing human dictionary for me, although the 12 year old is getting a kick out of it) just served brownies…

you can drag and drop toolbox tabs to new locations in the list, and their location will persist.  There’s also a command available via the context menu.

Custom Tab in Toolbox

and again, I have the "Show All" enabled, just to illustrate here.

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