Did you know… How to customize your Error List view? – #180

This was one of my least favorite designs in the VS environment.  When the Error List was split from the Task List, a row of buttons was put on the top of the Error List for users to customize whether they just wanted to see Errors, Warnings, or Messages.

For example, here’s the default with everything enabled.

Error List all views enabled

And now, here’s the Error List with nothing enabled for dramatic effect.

Error List All views disabled

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Comments (6)

  1. Kyralessa says:

    Why was it one of your least favorite designs?  (I’m not disagreeing, necessarily; I’m just curious.)

  2. Jimbo says:

    I actually like and use this feature.  When working with ASP.NET, if you have a web.config opened with lots of warnings or informational messages, it’s nice to filter them out.

  3. saraford says:

    I would rather have the commands to show / hide categories on the context menu.  The buttons to me feel inconsistent with the rest of the UI design of the VS tool windows.  I think the real estate on that toolbar could have gone to other things like a button to "display help topic for error", etc.

    But this is just me personally.

  4. I must agree. The buttons get in the way to me, even though the functionality is useful.

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