Two Talks at TechEd 2008: CodePlex and Visual Studio Tip of the Day

TechEd 2008 Developer Conference

It’s funny that I’ve never actually given a formal talk at a conference before, and at this year’s TechEd, I’ll will give two talks =)  Just don’t tell me to break a leg.  We don’t need another TechEd Scooter-Cam 1 (or a bob haircut!).

Also Noah Coad is giving an VS 2008 IDE tips and tricks talk which focuses more on languages, new 2008 features, and community-generated tips; whereas i’m focused on the old school IDE tips (and the insanity of a tip of the day blog).  And i have a very creative, awesome idea to link the two talks together – it will be "oh so cool," just stay tuned. And, if you have a language-specific tip, let Noah know!

Embrace Open Source on CodePlex (talk abstract)

CodePlex is Microsoft’s open source project hosting site. We launched CodePlex in May 2006 and now host thousands of open source projects. CodePlex users can start open source projects with support for source control, bug tracking, wiki pages, downloads, forums, and project statistics. Additionally, CodePlex supports a wide array of source control clients. This talk presents the latest CodePlex features and the projects we host, including those on the rise. If you’re a software developer interested in collaborative development in today’s online world or just looking around for that particular open source project to download, come check out the latest from CodePlex.

Visual Studio Tip of the Day (talk abstract)

How well do you know your Visual Studio environment? Interested in new keyboard shortcuts or tools options you didn’t know existed? Want to learn more about IDE features that work for any language? Attend Sara Ford’s Visual Studio Tip of the Day talk and find out how you can learn something new about Visual Studio everyday! In this talk, Sara will go over her blog readers’ favorite tips and share the inside story of what it was like to write a new tip every single day. Sara started the tip of the day on her blog for the Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 release. Her tips come from her 4.5 years spent on the Visual Studio Core team, where she tested nearly every feature area for the Visual Studio environment.

Comments (3)

  1. Tim says:

    Just to focus in on the key-issue with laser-like accuracy – how is the leg these days?

    It sounded like one of those annoying injuries that drags on and outstays its welcome – hope it’s all better now. 🙂

  2. saraford says:

    the leg is much better, although i’m still going to physical therapy 2x a week, but still can’t do more than 30 minutes in karate (and zero kicks).  About 60% of the way recovered.  Never let your quad muscle atrophy.

    thanks for asking.


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