Did you know… How to show or prevent the Error List from appearing after a failed build? – #159

In the General Development Settings, the Error List will be shown (whether it is auto-hiding or just closed) whenever a build fails with errors.  If you like to drive what you need to fix using just the Output window (since you can double-click on an error message in the output window and jump to that line), here’s how to prevent the Error List from appearing.

Under Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions – General, there’s the Always show Error List if build finishes with errors checkbox. 

Always Show Error List tools option

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  1. joey says:

    hmmm that doesn’t sound like a "good" tip.

  2. Henry Boehlert says:

    Thanks, but …

    … how to have it be sorted by severity (i.e. errors first?) by default?

  3. John says:

    Ok, now that you are posting the "retro stuff", how about the feature from VC6.0 when a build was done you could clear the output window with the escape key.  This was really nice to get back to a full size editor window especially when there were no build errors.

    This feature stopped working with the .NET studios and I’m still pressing ESC after a build to no avail:(


  4. saraford says:

    In Visual Studio .NET 2002 and higher, the Window.CloseToolWindow command is bound to Shift+ESC.  You can go to Tools – Options – Environmnet – Keyboard to change this to ESC.

    However, note that ESC is currently bound to Window.ActivateDocumentWindow.  This means that where ever you are in the shell, if you press ESC, you will jump into the selected editor.  

    So if you make this switch, pay attention whether you are accidentally closing tool windows instead of jumping into the editor.  It’s like robbing peter to pay paul, so just be aware which behavior works best for you.

  5. Gregg says:

    Hi, Sara. I’m having a problem with VS2008’s Error List panel. I am working on a web project that uses Master Pages. The Error List shows some warnings – mostly related to CSS class references that aren’t found. Since the CSS class references *do* exist in the theme used by the Master Page, I’ve been ignoring the warnings. However, the Error Panel keeps popping out…first it was just when I was building the solution but now I’m seeing it unhide/hide very quickly while I type in the ASPX pages’ source editor. I cannot figure out how to hide the thing and it’s driving me crazy…any suggestions? Regardless, thanks for all the Visual Studio tips!

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