Did you know… You can create temp or "throw away" projects – #158

If you need to create small projects to try things out, or not sure how you want to setup things before you save, there’s a tools options for this.  With this option enabled, the New Project Dialog Location and other fields will be gone.  In the case you accidentally get in this state, here’s how to get out of it.

Cannot save in new project dialog

You can find this option under Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions – General, and it is the Save new projects when created. 

Save new projects when created tools option

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  2. Josh says:

    That is possibly the single most time-saving tip I’ve read in the last year. Thank you so much.

  3. Sitten Spynne says:

    I can’t seem to get this functionality to work.  Are there other options that might alter the functionality?  I’ve tested creating a new project from the start page and adding a new project to an existing solution with the checkbox in both states in VS 2008; surely I’m missing something?

  4. Fabio Miguez says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Great blog.  I was not able to find the above option in Visual C# 2008 Express Edition.  Do you know if there is a way to perform this task in that software?


  5. Sitten Spynne says:

    Despite the fact that I restarted VS after changing the option, it magically took effect later in the day.  Perhaps I had an extra VS instance open that I didn’t notice.

  6. rolkA says:

    Doesn’t work for C++ projects.

  7. Jarek says:

    Sitten Spynne -> In order to get this option (as well as a number of others) in VS Express you have to check the "Show all settings" box – at the bottom of the "Options" dialog.

  8. Angan says:

    Always use naming convensions to name controls . That makes it easy.

  9. thomas tena says:

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  10. adminserkan says:

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  11. Sean Dockery says:

    It appears to work for Visual C# 2008 Express, but not Visual Web Developer 2008 Express.

  12. cedric says:

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  13. niall says:

    Sean Dockery – It does work in Visual Wb Developer 2008. As stated above – at the bottom of the options screen, check "Show all settings". Then you’ll see the projects and solutions node ..

  14. NotQuite says:

    For those of you who can’t find these settings, Tip 158a could read:

    Near the bottom of the options page in the left corner is a "Show all settings" check box. Enable this to see more settings.

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