Matt, "my dev," on DotNetRocks!

Back in my power toy days, Matt Manela was a developer intern on our team, which you might remember from this post about writing a custom Visual Studio editor.  Well, he came back full time last fall, and was just recently featured on .NET Rocks about MSDN Code Gallery and his experiences being an intern.

But more importantly, I want to thank Matt for all his help and support in putting together a recent technical training for non-engineers within the company.  We both share a similar interest in translating engineering concepts to non-engineers, and his help was invaluable.  I had been working on this talk every weekend for a month (CodePlex is day job, Tip of the Day is side project, this talk was my side-side-project).  But more importantly, I found out 15 minutes before the talk my dad was having open heart surgery (quadruple bypass), and he helped me keep focus before and especially after the talk, as i was flying home that night and was already stressed out.

Long story short, matt’s a great developer, and i always say he’s "wise beyond his years," so definitely check out Matt’s blog and his .NET Rocks talk!

Thanks again Matt.

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  1. MattManela says:

    Thanks for the nice comments Sara. I think I lost track of how many times you introduced me as "my dev, Matt" 🙂

  2. ccatto says:

    Hey Now Sara,

    I really liked this episode. He had a pretty interesting story how he got there by starting as an interen. I thought it was funny when told a story about him in a mountain with no boots or jacket. Code Gallery is good, along with CodePlex.



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