OSCON 2008 Here I come again… I hope!

It’s funny to read blog posts from a year ago, like my OSCON 2008 Here I come… I hope!  Well, it is that time of year again for OSCON submissions, thinkweek papers, and LE MARDI GRAS!!

I’ve submitted two talks for OSCON 2008:

  • Towards a stronger OSS ecosystem – Same proposed talk as last time, since I was asked to resubmit this year.  See the above link for an idea what this talk is about.
  • Embrace Open Source on CodePlex  – a walkthrough of CodePlex features and projects, similar to what i’ve been doing at the conferences i’ve been going to as of late.

Wish me luck that my papers get accepted!

And yes, I’ve written another thinkweek paper.  Going to submit in the morning, after i add the final touches.

And of course, now that i’ve submitted my OSCON and Thinkweek papers, the time honored tradition says I must fly home for le carnival.  Mardi Gras – so much fun!  And a geek dinner in Mississippi for Lundi Gras!  (Fat Monday).

Now where’s my slice of mardi gras king cake…

Comments (3)

  1. Port 25 says:

    “Our goal here is to evolve and to hopefully provide information that makes it easier for people using OSS and Microsoft software in the real world.” Bill Hilf wrote this in an April 2006 blog entitled “Who Would Have Guessed?” just one week after Port25

  2. infixum says:

    Any chance Microsoft will have a booth this year at the vendor show?

    Last year I was a little disappointed that there was no booth.  Microsoft has at least a couple open source projects (IronPython and IronRuby are two that come to mind).

    Anyhow, good meeting you last year.  I’d say "break a leg" but I don’t want to tempt fate . . .

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