My open source podcasts from CodeMash 2008 now available

First, thanks to Chris Woodruff who tirelessly hosted podcast after podcast after podcast the entire 3 days.  Thanks again Chris for doing a podcast with me!  And also my thanks to Michael Kimsal for hosting the open source open space podcast and the great lunchtime conversation where we chatted about whether a person could Intellectual Property without going to law school or getting the J.D.  I’m still trying to figure out the answer to this one.

CodeMash 2008 Interview with Sara Ford

Chris Woodruff talks with Sara Ford, Microsoft CodePlex PM, about her past, working at Microsoft, her leading CodePlex and why she attended CodeMash 2008.  CodePlex is Microsoft’s open source project hosting web site.  Sara Ford’s blog is and CodePlex can be found at

All Chris’s podcasts can be found at

Codemash Open Spaces – Open Source on .NET

I [Michael] had a fun time recording this ‘open spaces’ meeting at Codemash last week. This was led by Joe Brinkman from the DotNetNuke project, and joining us was Kevin Devine from the Euclid Public Library, Sara Ford from Codeplex @ Microsoft, Steven Harman from the Subtext project and Jay Wren from the Castle project (among other things, I’m sure). The sound was *decent*, although there was a shortage of mics. I also accidentally dropped Joe’s volume on a few occasions, but overall it felt like a great chat, so here it is. Topics include the pros and cons of getting Contributor License Agreements in place on an open source project, building community, a bit of good natured back and forth on Microsoft’s role in all this, interesting comparisons to the Java community, and more. BTW, this is just a sample of many of the informal chats that happen for 2 days @ codemash. If you like these types of discussions, join us next year!

All Michael’s podcasts can be found at

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  1. The pleasure was all mine and the listeners to the podcast.  Thanks for being a great presenter and bringing so much swag to give away.  Hope you can make it next year.

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