Ultimate Ears – my little review on the super.fi earphones

Ken Levy got me a set of super.fi Ultimate Ears earphones a while back to try out.  At first, I was scared of them, because it sounded like the music was literally inside my head.  And this is at volume level 1 on a Zune.  But then i slowly started warming up to them, getting used to hearing the music in my head, versus hearing the music just like any other sound.  Finally, after several months of use, I'm enjoying them.

I wear them when I'm

  • on an airplane.  at volume level 4 or 5 (on a zune), I can hear the music just fine over the roar of the engine (or the screaming of the kids).
  • in a coffee shop.  right now, I can tune everything else out except for what i'm thinking about typing here on this blog post and Rihanna's Umbrella.
  • needing sleep in a noisy place, like an airport.  I was out cold.
  • needing something to act like ear plugs, even if there's no music.  When you're at a coffee shop or at the airport (says a lot about my lifestyle right now) and someone's got a serious case of "cell yell" (where they yell into the cell phone, and you really don't want to know about them getting a lawyer because the electric company overcharged them 36 dollars), you can put them in and it makes them disappear.

I *don't* wear them when

  • I'm walking down the street.  I needed to be able to hear other sounds, like cars.
  • I'm working out.  I really don't need to hear my blood vessels pumping blood.  really really scared me the first time i tried this.

So, that's my little review.

Comments (2)

  1. Dan Ciruli says:

    I’ve long used Ultimate Ears earplugs at concerts.  They do a great job with noise reduction: I’ve got both 15 dB filters and 25 db filters (for the really loud shows).

    However, they do a great job of preserving the quality of the sound.

    When I get on an airplane, I have a special trick for a noise-free, peace cocoon: I put the 25 dB filters in my Ultimate Ears earplugs, then I put Bose II headphones on. It’s like a sensory deprivation chamber!

  2. Matt A says:

    I got a Pair(?) of these beauts a cpl months ago to supplement my (I Know, the ‘I’ word) Ipod Touch, and they are just fantastics. I wear them everywhere (not being a driver (oh yes in Merry Old England there are lots of us) or much of a walker), and they are just priceless. got the super.fi 3, couldn’t justify to wifey the $200 (to non anglasize this) for the .5’s.

    I also got a Roberts Robi.  Now this is a treat too, a DAB and FM Reciever that connects to the IPOD (said it again) G4 and above.  The DAB reception is perfect.

    Not sure why I should get worried about mentioning Apple and Ipod, coz to be honest when they do something they do it just dandy, and the Touch blows away the other players by a country mile.

    MS do good software, Apple do good hardware (‘n software too) and Marks and Spencers do a lovely Chocolate & Truffle pudding for me tea.


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