The Twelve Yats of Christmas (12 days of Christmas – New Orleans Style)

I’m in New Orleans right now (Miss Gulf Coast to be exact), and I just heard The 12 Yats of Christmas on the radio today.  Hysterical.  Anyone from New Orleans will crack up listening to this.

The music video is up on youtube of course, but check out Benny Grunch’s website (mute your speakers) to order the full CD of more new orleans christmas music and to read the lyrics (in case y’all don’t understand n’awlins).  Another good song to listen to is "And Schweggman’s Gone Away AIN’T DERE NO MORE" (yes, post Katrina)

While checking out the website, i saw the link for 1825 Tulane.  Anyone from N’alwins will immediately start singing "eighteen twenty-five Too-lane." Seriously, if you know someone from new orleans, write down "1825 Tulane" on a piece of paper, show it to them, and say, "can you read this aloud?"  They will immediately start signing and then say, "now i can’t get it out of my head!"  try it.  it’ll be fun.

As for commercials, i’d love to see one of the Frankie and Jonny’s commercials again.  "I say i say, you say i say, you can have the bedroom set today.  no credit no problem.  you’ll have to see the special man. let’em have it. with no problem."  it’s one of those you had to be there for, or just ask me in person to act out the commercial.

happy holidays and/or Bah! Humbug! whichever you prefer this time of year =)

and GEAUX LSU… i give up on the Saints…

Comments (4)

  1. Geaux Tigers! (I’m from Baton Rouge)

  2. Bill says:

    Yep, no more making groceries at Schwegmann’s with ya mama dawlin.

  3. Shwagamannz was only good for da’ big groceries.

    You make your little groceries at da’ Time Saver, and while ya dere, get me a giant red/coke mix Icee.

  4. saraford says:

    Or you could make your little groceries at the K&B.  We always made ours at the Nationals.

    Does anyone remember TG&Y?

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