Going to Silicon Valley CodeCamp 2007 Tomorrow (Oct 27)

Tomorrow, I’m going to swing by http://www.siliconvalley-codecamp.com to watch my fellow Microsofties Beth Massi (VB Community) and Mahesh Prakriya (IronPython) give presentations.  Both are *excellent* presenters and I highly recommend attending one of their sessions (if not all of them!) 

Additionally, i will be giving out CodePlex swag (t-shirts and other cool stuff), so come find me.  (i would have signed up to talk but way too much going on transferring to a new team and going on a vacation back home for a family reunion and so forth.  I really need to post what 150 lbs of boiled shrimp in a "shrimp boil" looks like!)

Off to catch my flight…

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