Did you know… you can use Ctrl+H to bring up the Quick Replace Window? – #072

Press Ctrl+H to pop up the Quick Replace window.  The command is Edit.Replace, in case your keybindings are different.  You’ll need to press the Replace or Replace All button to invoke the find and replace.  Additionally, you can customize your find and replace experience by expanding the Find options chevron control.


Did you know… You can bookmark all of your Quick Find results? – #071

It’s funny, when i was writing up this tip, i started at the Find and Replace window trying to figure out where the option was to bookmark all of the results.  Finally, it jumped out at me.  =)  If you hit Bookmark All instead of Find Next, bookmarks will be dropped at all the found…


Going to Silicon Valley CodeCamp 2007 Tomorrow (Oct 27)

Tomorrow, I’m going to swing by http://www.siliconvalley-codecamp.com to watch my fellow Microsofties Beth Massi (VB Community) and Mahesh Prakriya (IronPython) give presentations.  Both are *excellent* presenters and I highly recommend attending one of their sessions (if not all of them!)  Additionally, i will be giving out CodePlex swag (t-shirts and other cool stuff), so come…


Did you know… Ctrl+F3 searches for the currently-selected string without brining up the find window? – #070

Just select some text (or just have the cursor on the word you wish to search for) and press Ctrl+F3.  Ctrl+Shift+F3 will do a reverse search. Note that a Ctrl+F3 search uses the following options:  is case sensitive searches hidden text allows for partial matching does not use regular expressions Technorati tags: VS2005Tip, VS2008Tip


Did you know… F3 searches for the last thing you searched for? – #069

Obviously, you can press the Find Next button on the Find and Replace window, but you can also press F3 to search for the next instance and Shfit+F3 searches for the previous instance of the search string.  Technorati tags: VS2005Tip, VS2008Tip


Did you know… How to search within the current project or entire solution? – #068

When doing a quick find, you can select the scope of your search, including the current code block, current document, all open documents, current project, and entire solution. Just press Ctrl+F to open the Quick Find window, and drop down the Look in to select the search scope. Recall that this search scope will also…


Did you know… How to search in hidden text in the editor? – #067

By pressing Ctrl+F, you can bring up the Find and Replace tool window.  You can then expand the Find options chevron control and select Search hidden text.  This is usually the first option I always set (or ensure is set). Technorati tags: VS2005Tip, VS2008Tip


Did you know… Ctrl+F does a quick find in the current document? – #066

The standard keyboard shortcut for finding text in most applications is Ctrl+F.  In Visual Studio, this kicks off a Quick Find in the current document. Quick Find will pre-populate the find what text with whatever text is selected in the editor or the word that the cursor is currently on. Additionally, this find and replace…


Did you know… How to complete a word via intellisense? – #065

Whenever you can invoke statement completion, you can also execute the Edit.CompleteWord command.  This command will complete a word that is partially complete with no other possibilities.  And if there are other multiple possibilities, the command will invoke statement completion. In the below example, since Console.WriteL has not other possible matches other than WriteLine, pressing…