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Writing tip of the day is *really* time consuming.  So, today's extra post is a "go sara go" post.  If you like Tip of the Day, please just leave me a quick comment, even if it is just "go sara go".  I really, really helps me keep going when I get emails and comments that people like what they are reading.  (and of course, i'm open to suggestions on what tips to write, provided they are related to the IDE).

and of course, you can always just contact me directly.


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  1. go sara go says:

    go sara go

  2. Peter Ritchie says:

    Go Sara, go!  Keep up the good work!

  3. John C says:

    go sara go

  4. Jimbo says:

    Love your tips – they have really helped.

  5. Garry Trinder says:

    go sara go πŸ™‚

  6. k says:

    i dig it.. check it nearly every day while im waiting for compile πŸ™‚

  7. jane says:

    go sara go πŸ™‚

  8. Tim says:

    like, um, go… and stuff

  9. stephen patten says:

    go Sara go

  10. Craig says:

    I read it every day.

  11. Don Bailes says:


    Your blog is my favorite out of about 50 I read each day.  I wish more people provided "make my life easier" tips every day as you do.  Please keep up the great work.  You are appreciated.

  12. Potiguar says:

    way to go sara, learned a lot from your tips.

  13. georgem says:

    yep! go go go!

    i’m enjoying the tips

  14. Monte says:

    I’ve been using VS.NET since 2003.  Finally, a couple weeks ago I started wanting to use it better.

    I found your blog and am working my way through the archive.

    Love it!  Love it!  Love it!

    Thank you so much.

  15. imRahulSoni says:

    Go Sara go… I love those tips!!!!!

  16. says:

    Go Sara Go!!!

    Got any stuff to make us multi-monitor people happier?

  17. Corrado Cavalli says:

    Go Sara go! πŸ™‚

  18. saraford says:

    Ah yes, multi-monitor support, something very near and dear to my heart (you have no idea).  Wish I had more to share, but this is the best i got thus far for multi-mon tips.

  19. Aaron Marten says:

    go sara go!

    I’ve been working *on* the Visual Studio team for 4 years, and I still get some great tips and tricks from the posts. πŸ™‚

  20. DonB says:

    From an *old* guy that has struggled all the way from CPM to NET, without training, it is remarkable how much I have missed.  Sara, you make it fun again.  I always knew that an old dog could learn new tricks.  Keep it up!


  21. Hello Sara,

       Ever since I stumbled upon your blog, I am following your VS tips on a daily basis (sparing the weekend πŸ˜‰ )

    I really appreciate the effort you put into providing these tips on a daily basis. Trust me..I know what laziness means :).

    Anyways…kudos to your work, and thanks for your time.


  22. Steve says:

    go sara go

  23. saraford says:

    aaron, you crack me up =)  

  24. Luke Foust says:

    I have been subscribed to your feed for a long time and am a huge fan of the VS Tips. I always enjoy reading the blogs of those microsofties who take the time to put a human face on such a big company.

  25. brian lee says:

    …Go…Go…Go Go Go!!!!!

  26. Mikeware says:


    Please continue to enlighten us with your handy tips!!!

    In my native tongue: "Vamos Sara Vamos!!!"

    Greetings from Mexico City.

  27. Ron McMahon says:

    Sara, I stumbled across your blog about a month ago….and I’ve added your RSS feed to my Google homepage, your tips list is usually what I glance at first.  So, please…go sara go!!!!

  28. Fredrik says:

    Stumbled upon your blog recently, and loved it instantly! I hope you’ll keep it up πŸ™‚

  29. Michael says:

    Go Sara Go

  30. Mike Sargent says:

    Go Sarah, go!

    Seriously, these are great. One area Microsoft really, really fails in is informing users about the cool new small things. These are a great help.


  31. Mike Weiss says:

    go sara go!

  32. RobertP says:

    go sara go!

  33. Tim Binkley-Jones says:

    go sara go

  34. I read your blog avidly – keep those tips coming!  And re: multi-monitor – I remember using CodeView in the olden days with a monochrome monitor (nostalgic sigh implied)…

  35. macjohnmcc says:

    Sara you totally rock. I know it’s not go sara go but I gotta be me.

    Enjoy our overcast Eastside weather today. (I’m in Bellevue).

  36. Jeremy says:

    You’re in my RSS feed. Required daily reading.

    Thank you!

  37. eznihm says:

    ty for putting these together

  38. Nick says:

    I certainlly do read them every day, via RSS. And learned a few usefull tips along the ways.

  39. Martin says:

    totd kicks ass! go sara go!

  40. Mubbashir says:

    tough my I am on Microsoft platform, but i always read your Tip Of The Day!! so Go Sara GO..

    But what I miss posts in ""

    I hope that you will keep this tag Alive πŸ™‚



  41. peterpla says:

    go Sara go!

    I’m using your Tip of the Day series as an example of what my company should be doing to educate our users on all the cool nooks and crannys of our product.

  42. Jonesy says:

    Go go go!

  43. sergio giraldo says:

    go sara go !

  44. robert says:

    I’ve only stumbled upon your blog about a week ago and I’m really loving your tips. I thought I knew quite a bit about the IDE and boy, was I wrong! Please keep going!

  45. Justin says:

    great blog.  keep it up

  46. yo says:

    yo! go sara go

  47. apple pan dowdy says:

    keepa goin missy sara

  48. Brad says:

    Go Sara Go…from one of your fans in South Dakota – I appreciate the time you spend clarifying and simplifying these little nuggets

  49. Sven says:

    go sara go

  50. Tim says:

    I read this blog avidly and carefully, so go steve go!

  51. Tim Rayburn says:

    I love these posts, they are the next best thing to CodeRush for making me more efficient in Visual Studio, so please keep them going.

  52. James Snape says:

    Go go go… Seriously, some of the tips are very useful….

  53. Dave says:

    Go girl, go.  

    * does slightly strange does to act it out *

    I love these tips. The only thing that’s better than them are the times I already know the tip (only happened twice), which makes me feel highly intelligent. Well, less dumb perhaps.

  54. Eric Duesing says:

    Go Sara Go!

  55. Pedro says:

    go sara go!

  56. Go Sara Go! Love the tips – keep them coming.

  57. RobCaron says:

    Sara’s a rockstar.

  58. Ben says:

    Love it!!!  Don’t stop!

  59. Travis Illig says:

    Love it!  Keep ’em coming!

  60. Nicolas B. says:

    Sarah you’ve done a great job so far… I hope you’ll continue…

  61. Mike Chess says:

    go sara go!

    I too discovered your tips about a month ago.  Your tips are the very fist thing I look at when I get to work at 6:00 am.  The tips are really helping as we transition from one development environment (Delphi … old Delphi at that) to another (VS 2005).

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  62. I’ve got your blogfeed in my list, and I find your posts really helpful,


  63. GregM says:

    I’m subscribed to the RSS feed!

  64. Your series of tips of the day have been pretty good, even though I know most of them, most users don’t, so I have been including all of your tips on my link blog

    thanks for sharing!

  65. tomsmi says:

    go Sara go!

    I’ve been using VS and testing VS components for quite a while, and I only know maybe half of the tips so far!

  66. Adam says:

    Looks like you have quite a few readers!

    I always read your tips via the RSS, they are quite usefull.  I even pass some of them around the office.  When i do, people always comment on how much stuff is inside VS that they never come across.

    If it is quite hard, maybe you could have a little section where people can make suggestions on possible tips for you?

    oh btw, Go Sara Go.

  67. saraford says:

    Mubbashir:  yeah, i loved posting to my software testing feed, but unfortunately, i stopped once i became a program manager.  but who knows… maybe i’ll find some topics to blog about over time.

    Adam:  Back in the VS 2005 tip of the week era, i had a "submit a tip" link at the bottom of each tip.  Even though I had a 100 tips there, I only got 2 tips ever.  Maybe a better way to run a tip of the day series is via some sort of Wiki?

  68. Jalen says:

    Love your tips – they have really helped.

  69. Jalen says:

    Love your tips – they have really helped.

  70. Rob Cannon says:

    You’re just getting to the good stuff.  Keep it up, please!

  71. Andrej Kyselica says:

    Much appreciated, work the effort.

  72. Brendan says:

    go Sara!! Everyday tips for everyday programmers.

  73. Richard says:

    Go go gadget… tip of the day!

  74. Chris says:

    Enjoy it… keep them coming!

  75. Bernd says:

    go Sara go!!!

    I Lovit, dont want it to stop.

  76. David says:

    I read Tip of the Day!

    and have lots of fun doing it!

    and learn alot from it!

    go sara go!

  77. Beneke says:

    We even read your tips over here, in Belgium

    Go Sara Go

  78. Geert says:

    Go Sara Go

    Read it every day.

  79. Morten Lode says:

    Keep the tips coming, please!

  80. Dennis says:

    Go Sara, go!

  81. Marcel van Koper says:

    go sara go

    Vooral doorgaan!!!

    Greetings from Aalsmeer, the Netherlands

  82. alois says:

    go Sara go!

    with greeting from austria, europe

  83. xr1fab says:

    Go on with it Sara!

  84. Marko says:

    Sara, ne se ustavit!

    (that’s Slovenian for: "Sara, don’t stop!"

  85. ibisxin says:

    go sara go

  86. I read all these tips, and I think this is all really useful stuff! Thanks for all the hard work.

  87. Martin says:

    I learned a lot. Please keep going.

  88. Deniz says:

    I bought the Book "Best Kept Secrets in .NET" by Debroah Kurata. But I never look into it. Reading one tip a day is really cool and useful! Keep going!

    Me and my colleagues fav is STRG+I for incremental search! πŸ™‚ Thanks for that.

  89. Richard says:

    Go Sara Go!!

    Read it every day and already use the mouse less and less πŸ™‚

  90. Mike Dunn says:

    Go Amy go!

  91. Jannik Anker says:

    Goooooooooooo SARAAAHHH!!! πŸ˜€

  92. Joel Hammond-Turner says:

    Keep going, Sara!

    Your tips almost universally get forwarded around my dev-team with a "how useful is this?!" comment!


  93. Top blog keep up the great work

  94. Jens says:

    Go Sara Go

  95. mjimji says:

    GO, Sara, go!

  96. Darren says:

    I read you every day, have been a .net developer since it first arrived and have still learnt plenty from your excellent tips.  These are precisely the sort of things I never seem to find time to discover.

    Go Sara go!!

  97. Jeff says:

    go sara go

  98. Mike says:

    I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed.  I’d hate to see this blog disappear, so. . .

    Go, Sara, go!

  99. Robin says:

    Go Sara Go!

  100. Brian Schmitt says:

    Keep it Up!!!!

  101. jedatu says:

    Your’s is one of my favorite blogs.  When you use Visual Studio 12+ hours a day, it is nice to learn some new and preferably obscure productivity tips!

    See Sara. See Sara blog. Blog Sara, blog!

  102. Bob W says:

    go sara go

  103. S. Valentine says:

    I love ’em!!!!

    They help me to "pay attention" to the IDE rather than just blowin thru with the same ol’ – same ol’.

    You Rock! Sara.

    Keep up the good work (we’re all like a bunch of sponges – soaking up these little tidbits and flowing thru the IDE with ease & efficiency πŸ™‚

  104. rdeetz says:

    go sara go

  105. Joe-Code says:

    Sister Sara,

    Please continue to enlighten us with your great wisdom.  Without you, we would be lost sheep in a forest full of wolves.  You provide the light by which we set our course.  In other words, Go Sara Go!

  106. Robert says:

    1 2 3 Go

    Useful tips and a great blog in general.

  107. Hal White says:

    I just found you blog recently and look forward to the tips. Great work. Thanks.

  108. Ian S says:

    This is good stuff, please keep it up.

  109. southwynd says:

    Great job!  Keep it up.  Go Sara Go!!

  110. David says:

    Yes I read it every day.. Excellent resource!

  111. Raj Kaimal says:


    Love the tips! We need more!



  112. PieterD says:

    Go Sara, Go!

  113. kevin says:

    go sara go

  114. Jon says:

    This is the first feed I go to when a new post shows up in my RSS reader.

  115. sckeels says:

    go sara go…


  116. John says:

    go sara go

  117. JWilcox says:

    Good stuff!  Tip of the every-other-day would be awesome if it made your life easier too πŸ™‚

  118. Dax says:

    Another fan

  119. Bill says:

    Go Sara Go

    Everyone in Slidell is talking about them!

  120. wow, seems there’s hordes of people who like your Tips, me included. go-go-go!

  121. I recommended this way before.. keep it up please!!

  122. saraford says:

    Go slidell!  I’ll be down there the first week of October.  I’m heading home for a family reunion on the Miss gulf coast.

  123. Brian Orrell says:

    Go Sara Go!  Your posts are very much appreciated!

  124. kclin says:

    Just found this blog today via another blog.  Go Sara Go!

  125. Paul Middlin says:

    Keep up the good work; these tips are handy!

  126. moszi says:

    i’m reading it from hungary ! πŸ™‚

  127. Manoj says:

    Go Sara, go!  Keep up the good work!

  128. The Tip of the Day is a GREAT asset to my work in VS 2005, please keep it up!

  129. Max says:

    Go Sara, Go!

  130. Biscuit says:

    Loving the tips, keep them up! Along with Daily WTF, my favourite dev reads!

  131. DanielPuzey says:

    Go Sara, go!

  132. Amr Elsehemy says:

    Go Go Sara Go

  133. Jeff says:

    go sara!  Love the tip of the day

  134. Bryan says:

    go sara go!

  135. dfmartin says:

    va Sara va

    ga Sara gaan

    vont Sara vont

    gehen Sara gehen

    vai Sara vai



    SaraλŠ” κ°„λ‹€ κ°„λ‹€

    ΩŠΨ°Ω‡Ψ¨ [Ψ³Ψ±Ψ§] ΩŠΨ°Ω‡Ψ¨

    How many more ways can it be said?  

    BTW, all via πŸ™‚

  136. Zaakiy Siddiqui says:

    Fantastic stuff!

  137. Yay! Go sara, go sara, gooooooooooooo!!!!

  138. Shout out from Sri Lanka! Rock on!

  139. I started reading your Tips of the Day when you started the last series! (was that for VS2005?)

  140. Great stuff Sara!  Please keep those great tips coming!

  141. rolkA says:

    greet ! it’s very very interesting and THE bookmark to have for Visual Studio developers πŸ˜‰

    Thank you !!!

  142. Keith Hill says:

    Good stuff. Keep it up.

  143. Lukkha Coder says:

    I hope I am not too late. GO SARA GO.

  144. Go Go Go Go Go …. Sara … Go Go Go Go Go. Thanks for your time sara. It takes your lots time and energy but it saves 1000s of hours of developers around the globe. Thanks again.

  145. Anon says:

    Go Go, Go Sara Go Go Go!

    Sara Be Good!

  146. AndrewSeven says:

    I’m not sure how I missed that you are making lots of tip-of-the-day posts.

    Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

  147. Diamondz says:

    Go Sara. Just found this excellent blog, its so good i’ve added your feed to google reader.

  148. bitbonk says:

    Your tips are awsome. I wish Visual Studio had one of these "Tip of the day" Popup Windows so I can make myself remember all those nifty keyborad shortcuts.

  149. go sara go says:

    go sara go

  150. Dave Gardner says:

    I just stumbled across you blog and have been going through your archive. You are the lifehacker of Visual Studio!

    I wish more Microsoft SDET’s would blog – I reckon you lot know the products better than anyone else (even the devs).

    Go Sara Go!

  151. I’m very excited to announce that today is my first day as the Program Manager for CodePlex , Microsoft’s

  152. Simon says:

    go sara go

  153. says:

    Didn’t see this post until today, as I’m using Google Reader to search for a specific keyboard shortcut that you highlighted … sometime… during the last month (I’ll find it).  This blog is a great resource for the developer who’s looking to accelerate his use of the IDE.  Bravo, and thank you.

  154. Thomas G. Mayfield says:

    Your posts keep popping up on my link rolls, and I keep hitting them. A lot of stuff I already know, but–even then–the comments your posts generate prove useful.  And, there have been some wonderful gems I hadn’t known. Go, Sarah, go.

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