Hurricane Katrina 2 years later + NBC Nightly News Interview with my Mom

2 years later…

Let’s take a second to raise our morning coffee cups in honor of the people of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast on this day.  And for those in Seattle, try to point towards the space needle (i just always wanted to say that).

NBC Nightly News Coverage

Link to last night’s interview

wow.  My mom, my family, my house, and the street I drove down for 13 years to go to school were all on national news last night.  It is surreal.  A huge salute to Brian Williams and his producers and his crew for honoring their promise to come back to the town.

Some other links to check out

  • Brian William’s video blog post on his first arrival.  Definitely check this video out.  He speaks in a very causal tone, in contrast to the Nightly News segment.  Maybe it is just because i’m homesick, but i love the way he shows Coleman Ave (and isn’t that City Hall, not the Post Office?!?).  Remember, I lived on that road for 20 years.
  • His corresponding blog entry on his first arrival.  I was blown away when i saw a trackback notification coming in from him about my little katrina cliff notes.  It is really cool he and his crew checked out my blog for the latest info after these past 2 years. 

And of course, since i couldn’t be down there, my family took some photos for me to share on my blog.

Brian Williams and Family BrianWilliams And My Mom

Coverage Recap

Okay, time for my quick commentary on the interview…

  • Um, yeah, btw friends and cowokers, we found out in March my mom has cancer and my dad was hospitalized on Monday night.  In case you don’t know, i’ve been so stressed out this year from Katrina, my own health issues (busted knee, broken leg) and other personal issues that I actually feel asleep during a MRI last week.  Now you all have another piece of my stressed out puzzle.  =)
  • I had to ask who that man was in the blue shirt with the circular saw (whatever that thing is called).  It’s a friend of Linda and Paul’s who came down from Dallas to help work on the tiles
  • There is this awesome shot of the 4 sisters in the family (right when they are introducing the dog).  There are 12 brothers and sisters on my mom’s side of the family (yes, 37 first cousins, 55(?) second + third cousins, just one side).  The interesting thing is that they all have moved back home to this house where they grew up and are rebuilding their houses in the order of their births.  It freaks out my uncle, so I figured I would mention it to annoy him that i’m not giving him proper attribution or something.  =)
  • Restaurants.  OH MI GOD i would love a burger and some french fries from J’s Restaurant.  I was shopping for posters the other day, some sailing ones, and i saw these America Cups and had this flashback of sitting in J’s restaurant enjoying life as I looked at their America Cup posters.  All i can recall from the memory is the sense of life is good.
  • That yellow building at the end is the Waveland Civic Center.  I played my first soccer game ever when i was 6 on the other side of that building.  I’m glad he showed the contrast between the devastation and the rebuilt structures. right now

If you go to right now, they have this art gallery of before and after and now shots

Katrina Before After and Now on

(i had a friend get married in that church)

But this one got me by the throat this morning…  It is #3 in the series for those following along at home (and have actually read this far).

House on

I grew up down the street from here.  I loved this house with its 5 ceiling fans in the front porch and the 5 on the back porch.  I absolutely loved the pink house (yes, i loved a pink house) that used to be next to it.  I so wanted to buy that pink house one day when i grew up.  but i digress.  I knew someone who lived here in this blue house who died a very long time ago.  The last time I saw him, we were chatting from one of the 2nd story side windows on the left.  There’s just something about having these memory "landmarks" disappear that really come back to get you years later. 

Alrighty, it’s time for me to get back to work and write some more Visual Studio tips and tricks, and maybe release some code…  always makes me feel better.  =)

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  1. Tiara Dansby says:

    I would like to interview someone about Hurricane Katrina later on if that is possible

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