My adventures riding a scooter at OSCON

Since almost everyone has asked me to share this story on my blog…

On Friday, after the conference was over, I drove my little scooter to the Subway near the convention center, about 2 blocks away.  On my return, a guy sitting at a Starbucks asks me what happened to my leg, pointing to my leg.  I said, "oh, possible stress fracture, torn shin, and tendonitis in my knee.  At least the MRI showed everything was in good shape with my knee.  9 weeks on crutches, so I need to take it easy."

He says, "you’re not injured.  it’s all in your head."  I’m stunned, trying not to laugh out loud. 

He continues, "I’m a psychologist.  The doctors just want you to believe you are injured.  You need to stop seeing them."  Now i’m laughing hard.  This is just so out there it is hysterical.

"Do you know how degrading you look, to have a good looking woman like you driving around in a scooter?  Do you want to ride a scooter for the rest of your life?"  Ouch.  that one hurt, but at the same time, i’m thinking "who insults an injured person in a scooter?"  So, I said, "okay, i’m leaving now…" still in disbelief and scooter’ed back to OSCON.

Annoyed by the last remark, i couldn’t focus on the trip report, so i decided to go to the Lloyd Center (a mall) 4 blocks away.  Hey, i haven’t been able to go a mall since i got injured (April 30), so I thought it would be the perfect way to unwind from the conference.  And I had a great time (seriously, i bought CDs, a few books, etc, it was fun!) scootering around the mall, degrading or not!    =)

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  1. jane says:

    some people think that if they told you it was all in your head you would just jump up and start walking like nothing happened.  Since you did have an MRI you should have said, well maybe it is in the doctors head because it hurts when I walk.  Also they went to medical school, psychologists don’t go thru medical school for injuries.

  2. Corey says:

    I personally enjoy seeing a woman riding a scooter, and even more so a motorcycle. So keep riding!

  3. Alex says:

    Wow! Psychologists are qualified to tell people if they’re injured or not? Did he minor in orthopaedics?

    Well, at least you didn’t follow his advice. Stick on the scooter until you feel better, hopefully soon!

  4. saraford says:

    Thanks!  Actually, today is my first day walking under my own power, after 9 weeks of crutches and 3 with a cane.  Hopefully i’ll have a great (non Tip of the Day) blog entry for tomorrow!

  5. That’s why our Sensei and many other high-ranking black belts said to me last night.  I torn my

  6. That's why our Sensei and many other high-ranking black belts said to me last night.  I torn

  7. Last year, I “broke” my leg due to stupidity . Stress fracture + sprained IT Band + quad muscle atrophy

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