Going to OSCON, even if I’m in a wheelchair

This would be a good time to recap how i am 3 for 3 getting injured whenever I leave Redmond to do something Microsoft-related

  • Go to Miss State as a returning-alumni visiting speaker:  torn shoulder blade from running through SeaTac airport trying to catch my flight.  Out of training for 3 months
  • Go to the Online Community Business Forum in Sonoma:  Shin splints and a (possible) stress fracture from hiking Mt Si 2x in a row the week before.  Being the 9 weeks on crutches
  • Go to TechEd:  Walking boot too big for me.  Knee goes out. Tendonitis (and something else I can’t pronounce) Back on crutches (week #5 of 9 weeks now)
  • Go to OSCON:  ????

I’m tempted to make a t-shirt for OSCON that says, "Going to figure out OSS@MSFT, whatever it takes," as a walk around on crutches  =)

If you read Raymond Chen’s blog, you’ll find out that he traded cars with me, since i blew out my left knee on my return from TechEd.  As I drove Raymond’s car, he got to drive my ’97 Geo Prizm w/o hubcaps that has nothing automatic (nothing).  To give you a better idea, when i sold it, the trade-in offer was 250 dollars.  (Thank you Raymond!!  I owe you!!). 

Driving Raymond's Car

Anyways, wish me luck at OSCON!  Stay tuned for the trip report.

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  1. That’s gotta be a hell of an icebreaker. "Yeah, I get broken bones and ligaments all the time doing things for my job. "Sheesh, where do you work?" "Microsoft."

  2. saraford says:

    The ice breaker is "how did you hurt your leg?"  "Oh, i climbed a mountain twice on back to back days, then went to the gym for a personal training session."  Fortunately, no one asks me why =)

    Seriously though, i can’t complain.  All i wanted last year was to be injury free for the karate tournament, so now i have to pay up =)

  3. That’s why our Sensei and many other high-ranking black belts said to me last night.  I torn my

  4. That's why our Sensei and many other high-ranking black belts said to me last night.  I torn

  5. Last year, I “broke” my leg due to stupidity . Stress fracture + sprained IT Band + quad muscle atrophy

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