Bay-Waveland Bridge Opens!!!

Yesterday, the Bay-Waveland Bridge opened, reuniting the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I can’t even begin to describe the significance of this.  I would say, "imagine if the 520 or I-90 bridge went out one day," but it doesn’t really translate well.  It’s closer to "remember when the power came back after the wind storm," and life was like it is supposed to be.  that’s what the significance of this bridge is… life one step close to what it is supposed to be, although there are still many, many more steps to go.

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  1. Sara,

      Just found your blogsite, and know you have been here just about the same time as I have.  

      Difference is that this is your old home, my new one.  I am now finishing up my new home construction in Diamondhead, south side.   (Ground Zero in Katrina, as was Waveland/Bay St. Louis)  There were 250 rather upscale waterfront and airpark homes here pre-Katrina, afterwards, just slabs.

       I am the single luckiest person in Diamondhead.  We had purchased the bare uncleared land in Diamondhead back in February, ’05, and had only progressed so far as having most of the concrete slab poured pre-storm, no actual construction.  They actually stopped work  on the last taxiway pad for my aircraft hangar on Thursday.  The storm hit Sunday.  I didn’t even lose any fill dirt.

       And at that point, we were three months behind on the construction, and I WAS PISSED!  That guy upstairs was looking after me.

       Anyway, I now have a new home here, and I have the same worries as everyone else, "another Katrina?"  "Insurance???"  

       How would you feel if another Katrina WERE NOT POSSIBLE in this area?  It can be done.  Rather easily, in my opinion.

       We cannot control hurricanes–storm damage will always be a threat around here.

       We CAN control water.  Mankind has been doing that for many centuries.

       We now have a wonderful new Bay St. Louis bridge.  

       Fill in under that bridge, up to the level of the bridge, with just plain old dirt.  

       Penetrate the new Storm Surge Barrier with many Storm Gates, Big gates that will only be closed during a storm, always (except in a storm) open so as to not interfere with the normal and natural ebb and flow of the bay waters.

       Come another Katrina, close the gates.  No Storm Surge anywhere on their backside.  

        I first formally proposed this concept to the government back in October of ’05.  At that time, it was entirely too much of a project for anyone to envision.

       Now is the right time, I think, and I am actively pursuing an audience with Congressman Taylor and Senator Lott to see if we can get this demonstration project studied.

       Just as a quickie vision, think what this will mean to our insurance.  We won’t need flood insurance any more.  

       What about property values, when it is a given that this kind of destruction can never happen again?

       And lastly, how about the old saying, "Those who don’t learn from history, are bound to repeat it."  The area didn’t learn from Camille, so now we have repeated it a hundred times worse.

       Are we really going to be so incredibly stupid to repeat it a THIRD time, without doing something about it.?  

       The officials who didn’t do anything after Kamille are now agonizing in their graves.  Will our current leaders be even more outrageously villified?

      Lee Taylor

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