EE Talk May 15: Lessons Learned Going Open Source with the Power Toys

Just wanted to share with you some of the internal-facing work I’ve been doing as of late.  Over the past 6 months, I’ve given a series of 3 divisional presentations on giving out Microsoft source code, including

  • “How to release code to the community”
  • “IP Basics” – I had everyone draw a picture of a dog to illustrate copyright. my little claim to fame =)
  • "Embracing Open Source on CodePlex"

Now, it’s time to share to a larger audience.  On May 15, coincidentally the 1-year anniversary of the power toys initial release,  I will give an Engineering Excellence Talk (read: Microsoft’s internal “come share best practices” talk circuit) called "Lessons Learned Going Open Source with the Power Toys" (internal link).  Have no fear, I will share these lessons learned here on my blog. 

Hope to see the microsofties who read my blog there.  This will be the first time i’ve given a talk with a broken leg. 

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  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    Looking forward to it!

    I thought the leg wasn’t broken?

  2. saraford says:

    According to the urgent care and my doctor, it isn’t.  According to the physical therapist, it is.  I’m going to a specialist next week to split the vote.  But I have to say I’ve enjoyed not walking on it, at least pain-wise.  Crutches are not fun.  hoping i can do the boot thingy and at least carry stuff.

  3. As I prep for my EE talk , I find myself wondering what I would have done differently a year ago. Looking

  4. Jim Holmes says:

    Busted leg?!?  Ouch!  Hope you’re hobbling around as best as possible.

    (But you could tie the leg in to your talk: "Despite getting roughed up by the anti-open source crowd, I’m here to continue the good fight.")

  5. saraford says:

    Oh, don’t worry, the broken leg is definitely tied into the talk.  =)  I can’t *wait* to go to the doctor on Thursday.  

  6. "This will be the first time i’ve given a talk with a broken leg."

    Is that situation related in any way to the man with the wooden leg called Smith?  Nobody knows what the other leg was called!

    Anyway, it’s good to see you’ve remembered that "opening the source" isn’t a case of "throwing the source over the wall", as I’ve heard and read a number of Microsofties say on various occasions.

    Get well soon!  (I can’t very well say "Break a leg," can I?)

  7. MSDNArchive says:

    That internal link is dead, is there some longer-lived instance of your slides?  Enjoyed the talk, it’s a real paradigm-buster to talk about Microsoft open source.

  8. saraford says:

    somehow i find myself, at a starbucks nearby the hospital where i’m getting a bone scan done to see how badly i’ve hurt both my legs. yes, plural.  Apparently, the tests takes 4-5 hours.  The left is broken, but the right isn’t doing too well either.  One day, Mount Si, one day i’ll get you…  =)

    Andy, i’ll send you an updated pointer to where i’ve hosted the video and slides.  Glad that you enjoyed the talk!  At first, i was nervous that no one was laughing at my jokes, but i think we all relaxed towards the end =)

  9. jed says:

    " Crutches are not fun.  "

    Cruthches are dangerous. If possible use a cane. Far less danger of toppling off stairs etc.

  10. On our one-year anniversary of our power toys release, I gave a Microsoft Engineering Excellence Talk

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