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First of all, congrats to the Port 25 team for the Microsoft site on SourceForge.  The same guys who bring you Port 25 are now bringing you a site on SourceForge on what Microsoft is doing in the open source space for the windows platform:  http://sourceforge.net/powerbar/msft

I’m simply blown away to be listed in such great company with Bill Hilf and Jason Matusow.  Wow. We need to add RobMen (WiX) to the list; otherwise, I’m going to be too embarrassed to remain up there (note to self to contact Jamie).  One day when i grow up, i hope to do what RobMen has done in the open source space, especially in terms of paving new ground at Microsoft.  But as one of my longtime linux guru college friends keeps telling me, "patience young grasshopper."  Grr, i have too much energy for patience.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been focused significantly on internal culture changes, making it easier for other teams to "go open," and everything else in between.  Usually, i blog as much as possible about what I do at work, but i’ve been doing a poor job blogging as of late.  But now that i have the honor of sharing web real estate with Bill and Jason, I need to start doing some real blogging again.

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  1. You’re always very positive and I wanted to share that with you because it’s both powerful and appreciated beyond words. You’re an inspiration to many people, I’m sure of that. Please keep it up.

  2. saraford says:

    wow, thanks Mark for the kind words!  That’s a great compliment, and i will definitely keep it up =)

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