Online Community Business Forum – May 3 – 4 in Sonoma, CA

I’m attending the Online Community Business Forum this Thursday and Friday in Sonoma.  Contact me if you will be there, as i always look forward to the opportunity to meet blog readers.  Otherwise, stay tuned for nightly updates from the conference and my wine-tasting experiences (first time in Sonoma).

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  1. jane says:

    have a great time in sonoma and experience the great wine that is there.  also have lots of fun at the forum.

  2. Will Pearson says:

    Hey Sara,

    You’ll have to let me know what happens at the forum.  As you know I’m working in the field of on-line collaboration using touchable virtual reality at the moment.  Although we’re only investigating at the task level at the moment the technology could be expanded to form on-line virtual communities in a similar manner to the VR technology that Linden Labs (LL) uses for Second Life (SL), and it would be interesting to see if using touchable virtual reality as the presentation medium would lead to a different type of community than one that uses a 3D graphical VR presentation medium.


  3. bloggerdad says:


    I have problem with enter to this site via GPRS.

    Please, help me.


    Best regards.

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