The beginning of the end for Waveland, MS

There’s been a lot of discussions about merging the two cities.  Funny, I always thought Waveland would make it because it had the Walmart (which has been opened when nothing else was).  The ball has been in Waveland’s court, until now. Coincidentally, Ryan, the writer for the below article, was in my grade / class…


Awesome Before / After shots of Waveland, MS and the Mississippi Gulf Coast by The Sun Herald

The Sun Herald has these really cool flash animations showing before and after Katrina photos.  I’ve been asked to provide some pre-Katrina photos, but alas, one never thinks to take a picture of the things you’ve seen every single day for 20 years. Waveland (my hometown) is under Hancock County.  Only the Before /…


Embracing my Program Management side

After 4.5 years on the VS Environment / VS Core team, I’ve finally decided to make the switch into Program Management.  Don’t get me wrong, I love testing.  It’s still the ultimate “you broke it and I’m telling.”  But, I can’t resist the temptation of the driver’s seat anymore. I recall being told that the…


Visual Studio 2005 Automation Samples are now available!

You can find the VS 2005 Automation Samples at If you have any questions regarding the samples, you can ask them at the Extensibility Forum. Happy Visual Studio’ing! Tags: VSTips ReferencesSuggest a Tip!