Turkey Day Katrina Style

Yeah, way behind on blogging….

Not much to report in terms of progress in Waveland’s recovery since this summer.  Running out of propane in one’s FEMA trailer was not fun, bringing the temp inside the winterized trailer to 41 degrees.  The temps back home right now swing wildly from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in 24 hours, so it isn’t uncommon to have the heater on during the night and the A/C  on in the afternoon.  Believe me, i was not thrilled to return to snow and ice in Seattle.

I got about 90% of the cabinets installed in my mom’s kitchen in time for Thanksgiving, although i claim no responsibility for those who installed the kitchen sink that had been sitting outside since katrina (no, it didn’t come in with the storm surge – i had to ask that question too). 

oh, and the Kmart opened up while i was there, just in time for the biggest shopping day of the year.

Cold Yoga for a Dollar

I find non-sequitur things to be the most humorous, so seeing a sign "Yoga for a Dollar" where City Hall used to be (the tent is now used for a weekly market) ranked quite up there.  Obviously, i have to check this out…Yoga for a Dollar

Tent where City Hall used to be

The three of us who showed up got to do "cold" yoga.  They couldn’t get the heater going, so it was 53 degrees in the tent.  But the experience of doing cold yoga at the former location of City Hall was definitely worth the dollar. 

Yes, homesick n’awlins natives take pictures of their food

Food this good, wouldn’t you take photos back with you?  This is at Ricky’s on the Hwy (like everything else is), if any locals read the stuff i write.

mmmm, seafood

Downtown Bay St. Louis

I was surprised to see downtown BSL on the local news having shops opened for business.  About 4 shops were opened, and there was even a Real coffee shop for my Seattle weather-induced vanilla soy latte addiction.

old downtown bay st. louis, Miss

Coming up next…

And that’s this quater’s report on Waveland’s recovery… but i’ll be back for my 10 year high school reunion during Mardi Gras.  You have *no idea* how excited i am about being back for Mardi Gras + getting the gang back together.

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