Guess who’s back, back again – but with a scrolling LED belt bucklet this time!

Hey party people,

Yeah, it’s been a while.  I’m surprised no one has caught on that whenever i’m away from blogging, it ususally means i’m absolutely swamped with work because there’s something really cool i’ve been doing.  I’ve been working on improving our processes for how we (Visual Studio / Developer Division) share source code.  So for you non-MSFTs out there, my hope is you will see the outcome of this work via more power toys, codeplex projects, sample code, as so forth.  Stay tuned.

And just when i think i could take it easy, i see the announcement that Winter 07 Thinkweek is now open.  Thinkweek is when MSFTs submit papers, usually consisting of radical ideas for changing Microsoft (that’s how i view it – more like, "if you could do anything, what would you do."), with the ultimate prize of having BillG read your paper and send you feedback.    MSFTs:  contact me if you want to see a draft before the Friday deadline; otherwise, it will be availalbe to you on the internal thinkweek site after Friday.

And of course, thanks to Dan Fernandez, I couldn’t resist and had to announce to Microsoft that yes, i am a proud owner of a scrolling LED belt buckle.  Dan tells the story, but I think he purposefully left out the part about how much fun he had seeing what phrases i had on the belt from a year ago.  =)

Oh, and that karate video… yeah, i have my part cut and encoded.  Just need to find 20 minutes that i’m not distracted…

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