Karate Tournament Results

View Photos – I hope to have the video of our team kata and my individual kata posted this weekend. We took 1st place in the Women’s Team Kata.  It was really close, as the second place team did a fantastic job of Jion perfectly synch’ed.  We did Gojushiho Sho, which is a more difficult…


FSKA VIII World Karate Tournament this weekend!

I’m competing in the FSKA World Karate Tournament in Las Vegas this weekend in Individual Kata and Team Kata.  We (the team) have been training every Saturday morning at 7am since March 25th.  I am so excited that this date has finally come.  Team kata is where three people do the kata at the exact…


Answer to Tech Support Quiz

The long awaited answer…. Yep, a KVM switch box was involved, but there were additional coincidences that contributed to the situation. Several weeks before, when i installed Vista on the desktop, i customized it to my favorite layouts, like the bonzai tree and the bamboo wallpaper.  (note how i did the exact same customizations on…


Pop Quiz: How good are you at technical support?

I enjoy telling this story of these unfortunate events as a technical support quiz.  Makes me feel a little better about myself. The game is you have to guess what happened or what set of questions you would ask to narrow down the problem space.  There are no prizes for figuring it out, besides the…


Hint to the Tech Support Quiz

Alrighty, need a hint?  So did i on Monday. Okay, i undock my laptop and to my complete and total surprise, Vista continues to stare right at me.  I look down at my laptop thinking, “How is Vista still displaying my laptop on the monitor, even though i’ve undocked it.  Is this some new wi-fi…


My Team's Recruiting Video

It isn’t 1350 pounds of sand (ask Josh sometime about his beach front office – yes, we did), but it’ll work. http://blogs.msdn.com/jledgard/archive/2006/09/22/theigloo.aspx


VS Extensibility, VS SDK, and Shared Source

James Lau is a Program Manager for the VS SDK.  He describes the near future of community projects and activities for the VS SDK, including Shared Source and Power Toys (my new 4 favorite words). Check out his post and leave him some feedback.  I’ve been advising them on how to do Shared Source releases…


New Comment Policy

I’ve implemented a new comment policy that comments won’t be allowed on posts older than 2 months.  I hate doing this, but last night i deleted 200 spam comments (since i have comment moderation turned on, you didn’t see them), only to get another 200 this morning waiting for me to delete 10 at a…


5 years = 5 dozen pastries

On 17 September, 2006, I made my 5 year anniversary at Microsoft. 5 years ago, i attended NEO (new employee orientation), listening to all of the nightmares of cancelled flights, people getting stranded out-of-country, and so forth.  And every 20 minutes, someone would run to a Kiosk to check the stock price. And now for…


My Interview with James Howison, speaker from OSCON

MichaelF from the Port 25 team had a great idea to have me do a follow-up podcast with James Howison, the speaker from OSCON 06 that i learned a tremendous amount from about OSS Communities, and apparently, how to build cathedrals, since that’s what my mom thinks i do now.   ::winks:: Link to: Sara Interviews…