Lessons Learned from OSCON 06 – Port 25 Presentation

The Port 25 team filmed me giving my Developer Solutions (power toys) team a presentation on all that i learned from OSCON.  Check out the video (yeah, it is a little long, but it is also available as a podcast / mp3 format.  it’s mostly audio anyways).   And also check out the thread at the bottom with James Howison and I discussing my takeaways from his oscon tutorial session.  (my reply is a link directly under his – little hard to find the first time).

Link to video

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  1. thanhdat says:

    I like you

  2. anonymous says:

    Great presentation and cool to see the openess to open source!

    You mentioned buying Eric Raymond’s book… you might be interested in his  other writing as well which may also provide a helpful background as to why some are still so suspicious of MSFT’s motives 😉



  3. Wesley Parish says:

    @Sunday, September 17, 2006 1:16 AM by anonymous

    In this Microsoft’s not unlike IBM, which mainframers have at times said has more than one opinion, depending on which department and who in that department – just google for the 1999 linux 390 Marist list postings.

    It didn’t invalidate the value of or prevent the arrival of the Iron Penguin (Linux390) that there were a number of IBMers seriously doubtful about the value of Linux back then.  I doubt it’ll invalidate the value of Power Toys being Open-Sourced, even if there is an almost total lack of support from the higher echelons of Microsoft – the focus appears to be making them truly community-supported.

    If Power Toys’ Open-Sourcing goes well, I expect we’ll eventually see the Visual [PL] Express line open-sourced?  I’m afraid I see that as being one of the steps essential to Microsoft’s survival. 😉

  4. This is the story how I might have the opportunity to speak at OSCON 07 … If you’re familiar with Thinkweek

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