Where are the podcasts from BlogHer?

Does anyone know if any podcasts are available yet from BlogHer?  I'm specifically looking for the podcasts for our Community Assistance session and the Keynote from Day 2.  I couldn't find them on Box.net either.  Anyone got an ETA?

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  1. Hi Sara: All the podcasts are going thru post-production and will be posted over time.

    The Keynotes should be ready shortly. The sessions will roll out subsequently.

    We will post them on BlogHer, and you know, I hadn’t thought of putting them in the box.net account…maybe that’s a really good idea! I’ll have to check out the file size and see if it makes sense.

  2. saraford says:

    Thanks Elisa for the update.  I was concerned that i had missed the announcement or couldn’t find them on the site.

    I only checked Box.net because of your conference status mail.  Yeah, i’m not sure if the file size will make sense.


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