Our Community Session Rocked!!

Well, that’s what Dave Winer (the father of blogging as we know it) told me just now. Well, he said something along the lines of it was really, really good. The live blogging transcript should be available right now, and the podcast will be available in a few weeks. The site is under heavy stress, so i’m having a hard time verifying whether transcripts are available yet.

Provided you can get through, the link to our Community Session is at http://blogher.org/node/7451

Stay tuned.

Oh, and I need to tell Grace Davis thank you for getting my name mentioned in the Closing Keynote. =P

Comments (1)

  1. Hi, Sara. I just posted a follow-up to the session at my site (click the link for my name for this comment). Trying to start to imagine what a blogger field day would look like.

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