SaraF’s OSCon 2006 Schedule

I’m attending OSCON 2006 in Portland on Monday July 24 – Thursday July 27.  I’m heading out Thursday afternoon to speak at BlogHer.

Feel free to contact me if you want to meet, do lunch, or something.  I will also hang out with the Port25 guys at some point while i’m down there.

I’m attending OSCON to learn more about the ins and outs of Open Source Software.  So, i’ve signed up to take the Tutorials on Monday and Tuesday.  I tried to take more of a OSS Management track with my choices.

Wednesday and Thursday are all tentative, but these are the session I would like to attend.


Businesses Partnering with Open Source Communities: Opportunities, Perils, and Pitfalls

Face 2 Face: Processes for OS Communities


Just Enough Intellectual Property Law to Manage an Open Source Project

Open Source Clue Training: How to Market to People Who Hate Marketing


Open Source, APIs, and the Summer of Code at Google

A Closed Source Project Becomes Open Source: How We Survived It

Business Models for Open Source Software Compaines

The Best and Worst of Open Source Business Tactics


The Surprising History of Copyright, and What It Means for Open Source

Comments (2)

  1. Port 25 says:

    Here we go…’s the Friday before OSCON and we’re really excited about what we have planned for the show. For those of you attending, we hope you can join us for some of the planned agenda. For those who can’t – keep an eye on Port 25 in early August

  2. Port 25 says:

    We just wrapped up the O’Reilly Executive Day here at OSCON after two days of what many would call record heat in the Pacific Northwest. With many of the Port 25 folks commuting from larger cities across the US, Portland is a welcome break. For those

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