Do power toys have a place in the classroom?

Alfred thinks so, and I do too.  More on this later…

One of the biggest lessons i’ve learned from Rob @ WiX is that code is just an inanimate object.  You need to do something with the code to make it interesting.  For example (and this is just my example, so in case it sucks, don’t blame Rob) code is like a piece of paper you created from scratch.  Okay, that’s great, now what?  The piece of paper isn’t really all that interesting until you write on it or fold it to make origami figures (or share with others how to write on it or make animal creatures).  Same with code.  You give it life by coming up with a vision for it.  How do you want people to use it?  Why should they use it?  Is anything blocking them from using it?  This might be a weak analogy, but at least you get to learn about Shared Source with me.  =)

So, if you’re a student or faculty member, how could our Power Toys as Shared Source work for you?

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