How to change the generated method stub code for C#

Before you apply this tip…

  • I strongly recommend that you backup any snippets installed by VS that you may want to modify.  Take it from a former code Snippet QA that you will want to do this.
  • This tip requires having access to your Program Files directory, so use appropriate caution
  • Do not change the title for any of the VS installed snippets

Create a function that hasn’t been defined yet and use the smart tag to generate a method stub.

Function not defined yet

You’ll get a method stub defined for bar() that throws a new Exception class.

Default Generated Method Stub

But let’s say instead of throwing an Exception class, you wanted it to throw NotImplementedException.

Open up
\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC#\Snippets\1033\Refactoring\MethodStub.snippet

And change

You could use this approach to define your custom method stubs as you see fit.

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  2. BooGhost says:

    Hi Sara,
    On this same-ish topic.. How would one go about changing the VS-generated code-completion items? Like.. I work primarily in VB.. so when I type.. Public Property Foo As String , VS generates the rest of the property. I’d like to change what is generated.


  3. 卜海清 says:


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