Pretty Good Bay-Waveland Katrina Photo Gallery / OLA High School Reunion info

Received an email today about this pretty good site of Katrina photos.  One of the best sites I've seen thus far.

Before/After photos of Waveland City Hall on Coleman Ave

Before/After photos of Shops on the beach in Bay St. Louis

bay bridge


all Bay-waveland photos

Received an email today from a high school classmate who is helping to organize a reunion for the class of '96.  Looks like OLA is going to have a reunion after all over the 4th of July weekend during the Crab Fest. Pretty sweet.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, hearing stories, showing off my husband, and such.  I just hope no one asks why i'm not dressed up as a clown for the festival.

The OLA website promises to have more info about the reunion, but i'll post here whatever the final word is.

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